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The sponsoring of an orphan is one of the greatest deeds a Muslim could fulfill and is a means of entering Paradise. It is said that any Muslim who hears the above hadith should act upon it, as it is his duty and a sure means to be with the Prophet in Paradise (Ibn Hajar in Fath al-Baari, 10/436). It is also an orphan’s right, above all, to be treated well, provided with food, drink, and shelter, and to be taken care of. Therefore, ICNA Relief Canada’s orphan sponsorship program ensures orphans all around the world are given the rights bestowed upon them, both worldly and spiritual. They are also taught to be self-sufficient and independent: one of our previously sponsored orphans recently got into medical school!


Besides being an act of great reward, sponsoring an orphan costs less than a cup of coffee. The starting price for sponsoring an orphan with us is just $1 per day. That’s only $30 per month! Orphans in areas of severe distress can generally be sponsored under $60 per month or $2 per day.